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How to Dry Clean an Oriental Rug in Oklahoma City

What does the term Dry Cleaning Rugs Oklahoma City mean? The term means removing dry soil from within the rug. This process can be challenging and exhausting without the proper knowledge and equipment. Using a typical vacuum cleaner will do a great job removing the surface soil, but the fine dry soil within the rug remains and continues to build up over time. These really fine dry soil particles have sharp edges and can slice through the foundation, which is what holds the rug together. There is a misconception that with dry cleaning rugs, there is a dry cleaning product being used to clean it. It would be very expensive to dry clean a rug with a dry cleaning solution and still, the rug would not be very clean. To be clearer, a dry cleaning solution works great on the oily soils, but the dry soils and protein stains would remain in the fibers of the rug. Dry cleaning rugs simply means to remove the dry soil from the rug.

A wonderful gentleman, Mr. Barns, brought a 70 year old Persian rug to Executive Rug Cleaning. During the initial inspection, we determined the rug was a post-World War II American Sarouk. It was in fairly good condition except for being heavily soiled and very stiff. We asked Mr. Barns if there was a story behind this beautiful piece. He explained that this rug belonged on the second story of a historical office building downtown that he used to work at. It was scheduled to be torn down, and the demolition crew was clearing out the building. Mr. Barns went there to get a couple of old bricks to have for sentimental reasons and stumbled across the old rug lying in the dumpster. He went on to say that he actually remembered this rug as a young man while working in this building. If this old piece cleans up, he wanted to give it to his granddaughter as a house warming gift. I told him that we would do our best to revive this historical and sentimental piece.

Dry Cleaning Rugs Oklahoma City

We began the process of restoring the rug by dry cleaning it in our Turkish Rug Tumbler as shown in the picture above. The apparatus gently tumbles the rug back and forth releasing all of its embedded soil. After the rug finished tumbling, we weighed the dry soil that was released from only that rug. It is unbelievable that 15 pounds of dry soil came out of that 70 year old rug! This rug, as do all rugs, received our 7 step rug washing process along with a sanitation bath. Mr. Barns was amazed to see how bright the colors were, and how soft the rug felt. He was very excited to give this rug to his granddaughter as a gift. Not only will it hold memories for Mr. Barns, but it will also bring about new memories for his extended family. We truly appreciate the opportunity Mr. Barns gave us by allowing us to restore this gorgeous piece. It is an honor to work with something of this age and sentimental value.

When you are searching for Dry Cleaning Rugs Oklahoma City, look no further. Executive Rug Cleaning has the knowledge and equipment to clean and restore your precious heirlooms or keepsakes. Give your rugs a cleaning experience. Call Executive Rug Cleaning (405) 588-5433.